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Hello and welcome to this new blog, all about returning to your true nature, which is the state of optimal health!

Yes, in reality the body is incredibly intelligent and efficient, designed to heal itself naturally. We simply have to return to nature, our nature, to support our bodies’ natural process and rhythm. The more we sync with this natural state of being, the more we experience our true essence, which is bountiful, beautiful and blissful. There are countless ways to improve your health, and we will explore these together. From the breath (simply breathing the right way, can drastically change your life) to posture, simple exercises, daily habits, perspectives, and relationships – with our selves, with food, with others.  From the cellular, molecular, atomic level to your organs, your systems, your extremely powerful mind, there is no limit to what is possible. This will be a holistic approach, that recognizes the living body, inseparable from nature, as a vehicle for wellness, integration, and expansion. It is our birthright to live in our highest potential, which requires our highest state of well being.

This post is just an introduction to give you an idea of what is to come. We will go in depth, focusing and honing in on one important topic at a time, to get a thorough understanding and to experience it fully in our bodies and in our lives. As I continue to study and research I will be presenting all the information here, but of course I will start with what I already have lots of experience with and deep insight into. As a kundalini yoga teacher, for example, I will share the many teachings of this ancient wisdom and advanced technology to radically transform your life. My aim is to simplify everything and make it easy to digest and apply right away. There will also be spontaneous tips and recipes, and some current news as we are all adapting to the current health situation across the planet.

All my love, Shiva.

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